Willy's Blessing

Directed by Laurence Salzmann, USA, 2003, edited by W. Keith McManus, 30 mins, Video, English/Spanish.

Willy Adler is a man at odds with his culture. While he boasts America's superiority he also decries many of its values. He's a gruff guy who speaks in expletives but houses a sensitive soul. Willy is a massage therapist, painter and lover of classical music and opera. It is through his eyes that we encounter Cuba, an island only 90 miles from Florida, but still a mystery to most Americans. Willy finds an unexpected and unprecedented joy among every day Cubans. He falls in love with a country that seems at least by Western standards to be stuck in the 1950's. Willy's Blessing invites you to experience Cuba with Willy Adler - its people, its architecture and oh yes even its cars.

An excerpt can be seen below.


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