The Jews of Colombia

What makes Judaism so appealing to the Antioqueños? Is it the return and conversion of the “anusim”? those who were forced to reject Judaism by the Inquisition, in hebrew mar-anus, and later known as marranos, or the involvement of the of State of Israel looking for settlers? or even more the business for rabbis who take advantage of a genuine interest and offer more than they are capable of to those look- ing for a so called “redemption”?. I have been told that a group of men trying to reorganize their lives after the aftermath of the war and terror of the drug cartels that governed not only the city but the country at large, found in a program called “desintoxication of christianity” answers in the way of life that Judaism offered, with hope and a different reality of a world of chaos they lived in.

—Matthew Fishbane

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